Welcome to the Microsoft for Go Developers Blog!

George Adams

Dear Go Developers,

Welcome to the Microsoft for Go Developers Blog! We’re thrilled to launch this blog as the hub for informing you about Microsoft’s work on Go. You’ll also see posts about deploying Go workloads on Azure, and Go programming within the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Our Goal: Fostering Collaboration and Innovation

Our goal with this blog is to inform users and customers of what we are doing to ensure that Go is well supported on Azure. We envision this platform as a space for meaningful discussions, learning opportunities, and sharing best practices for Go Developers deploying to Azure.

Contributing to the Go Ecosystem

A significant portion of our work involves making Go applications more compatible with the Windows APIs and services. This includes efforts to support debugging, profiling, troubleshooting, and monitoring functionalities, ensuring seamless integration with the Windows environment.

Additionally, we devote considerable resources to making Go crypto FIPS 140-2 compatible. We do this by leveraging OpenSSL and Windows CNG as the underlying cryptographic libraries. This work underscores our commitment to enhancing the security and reliability of Go applications in enterprise environments.

“Upstream Everything” Philosophy

One of the key principles guiding our approach to Go development at Microsoft is our commitment to open collaboration and contribution. We believe in the power of the open-source community and recognize the importance of giving back. That’s why we’re proud to follow our “upstream everything” philosophy within the team. Microsoft intends to upstream all patches – subject to them being accepted upstream of course!

Join Us on this Journey

This approach reflects our belief in the collaborative spirit of open source and our commitment to driving positive change in the Go ecosystem. We’re excited to engage with the community, share our insights, and contribute to the ongoing maintenance of Go as a language and platform.

Happy coding!


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