Jacqueline Gibson

Senior Software Engineer, Accessibility Insights

Jacqueline is a Digital Equity Advocate & Software Engineer building change from the code up as part of Microsoft’s Accessibility Insights team. She is passionate about understanding what is necessary to create systems that everyone, regardless of ability, can use with ease. Currently, Jacqueline is building tools to help developers create accessible applications for Android, Windows, and web.

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Accessibility Insights now supports WCAG 2.2 AA

To celebrate the International Day for Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd we have some exciting new announcements for Accessibility Insights, Microsoft’s open-source suite of tools to help developers deliver accessible software! Technology plays a huge role in empowering everyone, including people with disabilities around the globe. ...

Accessibility Insights for Web

In this post, Jacqueline Gibson goes over Accessibility Insights for Web, Microsoft's open-sourced Chrome and Edge extension that helps users find and fix web accessibility issues.