Notes from the ASP.NET Community Standup –February 21, 2017

Maria Naggaga

This is the next in a series of blog posts that will cover the topics discussed in the ASP.NET Community Standup. The community standup is a short video-based discussion with some of the leaders of the ASP.NET development teams covering the accomplishments of the team on the new ASP.NET Core framework over the previous week. Join Scott HanselmanDamian EdwardsJon Galloway and an occasional guest or two discuss new features and ask for feedback on important decisions being made by the ASP.NET development teams.

Each week the standup is hosted live on Google Hangouts and the team publishes the recorded video of their discussion to YouTube for later reference. The guys answer your questions LIVE and unfiltered. This is your chance to ask about the why and what of ASP.NET! Join them each Tuesday on where the meeting’s schedule is posted and hosted.

ASP.NET Community Standup 2/21/2017

 Day 7 – Creating an ASP.NET Core Web Application

 Understanding your middleware pipeline with the Middleware Analysis package

 Under the hood of the Middleware Analysis package

 Creating 404 middleware in ASP.NET core 

Get Current Route Name From ASP.NET Web API Request

 Running SQL Server + ASP.Net Core in a container on Linux in Azure Container Service on Docker Swarm – Part 1 – Read, Write, Speak, Repeat – Azure

 Let’s Try WCF Self-Hosted Services in a Container 

 How to Send Email using .NET Core

 Templates/MVC 6 at master · ASP-NET-MVC-Boilerplate/Templates

 How To Create A dotnet new Project Template In .NET Core 

DotVVM: MVVM Framework for Modern ASP.NET Applications. Javascript Apps with No Javascript.

DotVVM 1.1 RC 5, dotnet new and DotVVM CLI 


 Katana has moved to GitHub · Issue #222 · aspnet/Announcements

 Release Notes for February 19, 2017 >

 quozd/awesome-dotnet: A collection of awesome .NET libraries, tools, frameworks and software

dotnet/ at master · Microsoft/dotnet

Questions and Answers

Question: Any updates on OData Web API support?

— OData team is evaluating the amount the time it would take to build and ship a new OData API  implementation on top of ASP.NET Core.

Question:  Any plans to include theme builders with ASP.NET Core?

—  No, we do not have plans to include a theme builder. However, you can always use your favorite CSS framework to handle that for you.

Question: Are there any new features being shipped with Razor Pages that weren’t  included in the prototype?

—  The prototypes is a representation of the team’s plans for the product. As we build more samples with Razor Pages, we will continue to identify and implement updates and advancements to the product.

See you next week 2/ 28/ 2017.


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