.NET Conf 2021 Recap – Videos, Slides, Demos, and More

James Montemagno

.NET Conf 2021 was the largest .NET Conf ever with over 80 sessions from speakers around the globe! We want to give a huge THANK YOU to all who tuned in live, asked questions in our Twitter feed, and participated in our fun and games. The learning continues with community-run events happening thru the end of January so make sure to check those out. Also, watch the session replays and keep an eye on our conference GitHub repo where we are collecting all the slides and demos from our presenters.

If you participated in .NET Conf 2021, please give us your feedback about the event so we can improve in 2022.

On-Demand Recordings

We had a lot of awesome sessions from various teams and community experts that showed us all sorts of cool things we can build with .NET across platforms and devices. You can watch all of the sessions right now on the .NET YouTube or the new Microsoft Docs events hub.

What were your favorite sessions? Leave them in the comments below! I have so many favorites, but I loved the Productivity talk around Roslyn and AI with Mika:

I also recommend the C# 10 session with Mads and Dustin.

Explore Slides & Demo Code

All of our amazing speakers have been uploading their PowerPoint slide decks, source code, and more on the official .NET Conf 2021 GitHub page. Be sure to head over there to download all of the material from the event and don’t forget you can still grab digital swag as well!

.NET Podcasts App

We are happy to announce the release of .NET Podcast app, a sample application showcasing .NET 6, ASP.NET Core, Blazor, .NET MAUI, Azure Container Apps, and more from the .NET Conf 2021 keynote!

.NET Podcasts App Image

Grab the source code on GitHub and start exploring locally on your machine, or fork the repo and deploy to Azure with GitHub actions in a few easy steps.

Launch After Party Q&A on December 16th

On December 16, 2021 .NET Conf and Visual Studio 2022 launch event speakers and experts will be LIVE to answer all of your questions. Learn more about the recent launch of Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6, including tips and tricks, new features with the latest releases, and connect with others in your community.

Register for the event today!

Local .NET Conf Events

The learning continues with community-run events happening thru the end of January, so be sure to find a local event and sign up today!.

.NET Conf Local Events

Thanks again to everyone that made .NET Conf 2021 possible and we can’t wait for even more .NET Conf events in 2022!


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  • Emmanuel Adebiyi 0

    Thanks for the summary. .NET Conf 2021 was awesome.

  • Heiko Wobst 0

    My favorite session was the Post-keynote Wrap Up. It had a really relaxed mood and some interesting questions were asked and answered.
    But I liked the whole .NET Conf and I am not yet ready to watch all the session replays I want to.

  • Maciej Kaczmarczyk 0

    video cant be resized. i barley see the code

    • em pty 0

      double click

      • Ilya Nemtsev 0

        I am using Edge on my Mac and I cannot resize the video no matter what I do.

  • ji hen 0


  • bugs enjoyer 0

    It’s really awesome. MICROSOFT – best of the best
    Just imagine what will be in the future

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