Help Us Plan EF Core 6.0

Jeremy Likness

Entity Framework Core 5.0 will soon be released in conjunction with .NET 5. The release is a major milestone in the long history of Entity Framework that began before version 1.0 was shipped with .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 in 2008. EF Core 5.0 is cross-platform and supports all of the most popular relational databases. It also provides a consistent API to interface with the popular NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB database. EF Core 5.0 includes scores of new features ranging from “many-to-many” and “table-per-type” to an updated migrations experience. The team is currently focused on bug fixes, updates to documentation, and planning for the next release.

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The team is ready to start building the next release, but we need your help!

The Entity Framework 2020 Survey

To better understand how you work with EF Core and which features are top priority for you, the team developed this short Entity Framework survey. It will take you less than 15 minutes. Our team deeply values your feedback and sincerely hopes many of you will complete the survey. It will be open for a few weeks and we encourage you to share it with colleagues who also work with data in .NET. This is a key opportunity to help shape the next release of EF Core. We will prioritize our focus based on the responses we receive. So make sure you tell us what you want!

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