Jeremy Likness

Senior Program Manager - .NET Data, .NET

Jeremy is a Senior Program Manager for .NET Data at Microsoft. Jeremy wrote his first program in 1982, was recognized in the "who's who in Quake" list for programming the first implementation of "Midnight Capture the Flag" in Quake C and has been developing enterprise applications for 25 years with a primary focus on web-based delivery of line of business applications. Jeremy is the author of four technology books, a former 8-year Microsoft MVP for Developer Tools and Technologies, is an international and keynote speaker and writes regularly on cloud and container development. Jeremy follows a 100% plant-based diet and spends most of his free time running, hiking and camping, and playing 9-ball and one pocket.

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Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 5

Announcing EF7 Preview 5 with completed support for Table-per-Concrete Type (TPC).

Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 4

Announcing the release of EF7 Preview 4 and DDD-friendly value converters for value generators.

Announcing .NET 7 Preview 4

.NET 7 Preview 4 is now available with enhancements to the OpenTelemetry implementation, date and time, cache metrics, on stack replacement (OSR) and regular expressions.

Announcing Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) Preview 3

Announcing the release of EF7 Preview 3 and custom database-first scaffolding with T4 templates.

Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 1

Announcing the release of EF7 Preview 1, the first preview of the new Entity Framework Core.

Announcing .NET 7 Preview 1

.NET 7 Preview 1 is now available and is the start of a major .NET release, focused on cloud native, app modernization, containers, and many other improvements.

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See what the .NET data team has on the roadmap for Entity Framework Core 7.

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Learn how to download and work with EF Core 6 and new features from improved support for Azure Cosmos DB to increased performance and first-class APIs to SQL Server temporal tables.

Prime your flux capacitor: SQL Server temporal tables in EF Core 6.0

EF Core 6.0 supports SQL Server temporal tables to automatically keep track of all the data ever stored in a table, even after that data has been updated or deleted.