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We maintain a set of pages that make it easier for you to find all the .NET Framework versions, SDKs, and targeting packs that you can take advantage of in your .NET apps, as we mentioned last year on the .NET blog. We recently redesigned the pages and added more SDKs for you to download. You may even find some SDKs to try that you didn’t know about.

If you really just want the latest bits, use the following links:

We’ve provided a separate page for each version of Visual Studio, since each version has a different set of capabilities:

You can now quickly get to the .NET download that you need, based on the Microsoft platform that you want to target. We’ve organized the platforms in a new way, into devices, services, libraries, and .NET Framework (Windows desktop and server) platforms, to make it easier for you to find the downloads you’re interested in. Here’s an idea of what that page looks like.


These pages are available by the links above. They are also available within Visual Studio, in three different places.


Project Properties


New Project


Portable Library Project Properties

You may have read about our use of NuGet in our recent post of the .NET Framework 4.5.1 Preview. Our NuGet libraries are a great option for helping you build code that works across Microsoft platforms, since many of them are built as portable class libraries. You can check out the list of Microsoft .NET Framework NuGet Packages that are available for you to use. There’s a lot of them.

Please tell us if there are other SDKs that you’d like us to add to this page. It’s always possible that we’ve missed something. Please send us your feedback, either in the comments, on Twitter (@dotnet), on Facebook (dotnet), or via email (


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