Fall .NET Core Survey

Sam Spencer


It’s been a busy time for .NET Core – we just shipped 3.0, and are currently working on a few updates for v3.1 (due in November.) As we turn our attention to .NET Core 5.0, we want to take a step back and see what you are doing with .NET Core and how we can make it even better.

We have put together a quick survey that will help us understand our customer base a bit better, how you are using .NET core, and what we can do to improve it. So please head over to Survey Monkey and help shape the future of .NET Core.

Surveys help give us a breadth view of .NET Core users, but we also want to understand in more depth what challenges you face in your projects, so if you are willing to participate in more detailed feedback, please provide your contact details in the survey.

Thank you for your contribution.


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    Jack Bond

    Oh look, yet another useless survey. Hey guys, you know when one of your surveys will actually be worth filling out?


    And if you don’t already know what it is

    1) That proves my point
    2) A cross platform UI application framework

  • Hugo Ferreira
    Hugo Ferreira

    It’s .NET 5 and not .NET Core 5.
    You are confusing yourself, now imagine the general public.

    How about allow (I don’t care if it’s a IIS issue or .NET Core issue or even ASP.NET Core issue) but allow multiple ASP.NET Core applications In-Process mode running on the same App Pool.

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    Alex Lira

    Full and completel WPF integration with OPENGL rendering for greater portability, and full integration and standardization of GPIO calls in the .NET Core

    It would be wonderful to be able to program both a game and a sales system, as well as programming for an SBC using its GPIO pinouts. And port .NET CORE to as many platforms as possible, including web.

    As it is just my hobby, I hate to have to learn new programming languages having to spend every year learning because the changes in the new technologies. As for my humble skills it is much more important for hardware to evolve constantly than software. However, I’m excited about the possibilities of standardizing .NET CORE 5.0. A hobie should be fun, not a pain in the ass “Sorry for the language”

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    hitesh davey

    What is the point of conducting the survey(s) when MS is not going to implement what real developers are asking? E.g.
    1. VB.NET developers are asking for FULL .NET CORE support but roadmap shows something else.
    2. Make WEB development as simple as possible but the current trend of MVC/MVVM/RAZOR architecture is becoming too complex to maintain for large projects.
    3. Provide WinForms like WYSWYG designer and development environment for WEB projects
    4. Android development without using Xamarin
    5. Portable UI components