Deploying Silverlight Projects using VS10

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With VS10 beta1 environment, you can also install Silverlight 3 beta to combine the power of both.

When a Silverlight 3 beta project is compiled, it generates xap file.  The web application or website should take the xap as content for Build Action.  The following shows what the default Siliverlight project has:


Having this information, one can use Dev10 Beta1’s deployment features to deploy the Silverilght application to IIS, or simply ftp the xap and related files to the server.

In order to view the silverlight application correctly, one need to setup configure IIS correctly.  For Dev10 beta1, make sure the corresponding IIS virtual application is using targeted ASP.NET framework. For example, if the application target is ASP.NET v4.0, please choose an application pool which runs v4.0 beta in IIS7, or mark the virtual application as framework 4.0 in IIS5/6 and make sure it is with an application pool which all the applications run the same framework.

IIS6 may also need to configure the MIME type for the Silverlight .xap extension, by following:

  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Configuration Manager and select the server to manage (usually the top-level item on the left side)
  • Double-click MIME Types on the right side
  • Add an entry to map the .xap extension to the application/x-silverlight-app MIME type


For PHP developers, here’s a reference which you can build and deploy Silverlight application in PHP.

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