Calling all .NET desktop and mobile developers!

Olia Gavrysh

We would love to hear about your experience with building client applications in .NET. Your feedback will greatly help us to improve the .NET tooling and ensure our roadmap focuses on your needs. Participate in shaping the future of the .NET client development by taking this short survey (5 minutes to complete).

We are also searching for developers to discuss new concepts and prototypes, so tell us in the survey if you would like .NET engineering team to reach out to you about upcoming opportunities in .NET UI development.

Take survey!

We really appreciate your input and will build our decision on the feedback we hear from you.


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  • jasper 0


  • Matthew Heimlich 0

    Cross-platform XAML/WPF-like GUI option to match .NET Core, please! This would be huge for desktop app devs!

  • louis 0

    We need Cross-platform! VS Code is so great, so why not?

  • Fırat Esmer 0

    If a cross-platform desktop framework became available for .NET

  • Catalin Pop 0

    Crossplatform WPF!

  • Jack Bond 0

    Oh look, another survey so Microsoft can continue to ignore the #1 request 8 years running…
    Cross-platform WPF with a Microsoft store for MacOS and Linux.

  • Max Mustermueller 0

    Question #15 is missing a choice to say “Yes I would switch but only if I can easily port my application”. The current answers are either rewrite or no. But I personally would like to switch but I would definitely not rewrite my applications from scratch. Like I would have to when going from WPF to Xamarin.

    Personally I’d love to see WPF going cross platform, but only because I wouldn’t have to switch to Xamarin and it’s much more flexible than Winforms so it would be a great choice.

  • Horst Höfle 0

    I will migrate my Silverlight floating windows apps to a cross plattform xaml/c# .NET Core solution next year – wpf/uwp/uno

  • Mehdi Alahgholi 0

    Hi dotnet team … Please add this controls to toolbox hello for face and fingerprint control 2. share control for all types of files 3.zoom control 4.adds stylus events  to all winform controls 5.replace powershell with cmd console application 
    please replace c# language to vbscript in office  and powershell scripts and unified to one language for all types of Microsoft product to work programming language like English language that is internatoinal language for humans and c# language is internatoinal language for programming microsoft product in office and powershell and…
    Please remove vb and f# from dotnet 5 and reduce dotnet costs to improve framework and with one language dotnet performance is better than with 3 language…

  • Francis West 0

    Obviously cross-platform :)Perhaps start by tidying up that blazor/electron demo you guys had going.Then onto WPF for core 3?

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