Free e-book: Blazor for ASP.NET Web Forms Developers

Nish Anil

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new e-book: Blazor for ASP.NET Web Forms developers. This book caters specifically to ASP.NET Web Forms developers looking for guidelines. As well as strategies for migrating their existing apps to a modern, open-source, and cross-platform web framework.

Blazor E-book for ASP.NET Web Forms

Blazor is a new web framework that changes what is possible when building web apps with .NET. It is also a client-side web UI framework based on C# instead of JavaScript. When paired with .NET running on the server, Blazor enables full-stack web development with .NET. Blazor shares many commonalities with ASP.NET Web Forms. Such as having a reusable component model and a simple way to handle user events. It also builds on the foundations of .NET Core to provide a modern and high-performance web development experience. Additionally, Blazor is a natural solution for ASP.NET Web Forms developers looking to take advantage of client-side development and the open-source, cross-platform future of .NET.

In this book, each Blazor concept is presented in the context of analogous ASP.NET Web Forms features and practices. The book covers:

  • Building Blazor apps.
  • How Blazor works.
  • Blazor’s relation to .NET Core.
  • Reasonable strategies for migrating existing ASP.NET Web Forms apps to Blazor where appropriate.
  • A reference sample that demonstrates the migration strategies used.

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Should I Still Use ASP.NET Web Forms?

Of course! As long as the .NET Framework ships as part of Windows, ASP.NET Web Forms will be supported. For many Web Forms developers, the lack of cross-platform and open-source support is a non-issue. If you do not require cross-platform support, open-source, or any other new features in .NET Core or .NET 5, then stick with ASP.NET Web Forms on Windows. ASP.NET Web Forms will continue to be a productive way to write web apps for many years to come!

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The book and related reference application will be evolving, so we welcome your feedback! If you have comments about how this book can be improved, please submit feedback.