Sam Spencer

Program Manager, .NET Core team

Sam is a Program Manager on the .NET Core team. He has worked on various developer technologies at Microsoft including WinUI, WinJS, LightSwitch, Visual Web Developer and Visual Basic.

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Announcing Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Distro

The Azure Monitor Open Telemetry distro has just been released. This library enables monitoring ASP.NET Core apps with Azure monitor a one line change, based on the infrastructure of Open Telemetry for .NET.

Client Support for Calling WCF/CoreWCF with System.ServiceModel 6.0 Is Here!

The System.ServiceModel 6.0 packages have been released, they provide client suppport for calling into WCF and CoreWCF Services.

Bring WCF apps to the latest .NET with CoreWCF and Upgrade Assistant

The Upgrade Assistant can now migrate .NET Framework projects using WCF to .NET 6 with CoreWCF.

CoreWCF 1.1.0 and project templates

CoreWCF 1.1 has been released, and now we have a project templates package

YARP 1.1 is here with new requested reverse proxy features

YARP 1.1 has been released. YARP is a highly customizable open-source reverse proxy written for .NET. This release adds a few commonly requested features.

CoreWCF 1.0 has been Released, WCF for .NET Core and .NET 5+

CoreWCF 1.0 has been released, the first major release of the project, and provides WCF functionality for .NET Core, .NET Framework and .NET 5+.

Announcing YARP 1.0 Release

YARP, an open-source, highly customizable reverse proxy using .NET has been released.

HTTP/3 support in .NET 6

See how to use HTTP/3 in your apps built using .NET 6.

Repo experience survey results

A couple of months ago we ran a survey of our github community to understand our users satisfaction and experience with the mechanics of how the projects are open-sourced with the community. This post shares the results.

Customizing Trimming in .NET 5

This second post on app trimming goes into more detail about to annotate code to control the trimming process.