Richard Lander

Program Manager, .NET Team

Richard Lander is a Program Manager on the .NET team. He works on making .NET work great in memory-limited Docker containers, on Arm hardware like the Raspberry Pi, and enabling GPIO programming and IoT scenarios. He is part of the design team that defines new .NET runtime capabilities and features. Favourite fantasy: Dune and Doctor Who. He grew up in Canada and New Zealand.

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Conversation about .NET interop

Conversation with .NET engineers about native, language, and operating system interop. They share their perspectives on modern programming languages, low-level concepts like calling conventions and marshaling, performance, comparing .NET and Java Interop, and a new project that adds support for Interop with Objective-C.

Announcing .NET 6 Preview 4

.NET 6 Preview 4 is now available.

Show dotnet: Investigating Alpine Linux CVEs in .NET container images

The results of a Alpine Linux CVE investigation and new guidance on using .NET images.

Conversation about ready to run

Conversation with .NET engineers about the ready to run executable format. They share their perspective on the origins of ready to run, the strengths and weaknesses of the format, and comparing it to both IL and Native AOT.

Conversation about PGO

Conversation with .NET engineers about profile guided optimization (PGO). They share their perspectives on how PGO works, how it improves even sophisticated compilers, other platforms that have good PGO systems, and what .NET is doing to provide better performance with PGO.

Conversation about crossgen2

Conversation with .NET engineers about crossgen2. They share their perspective on what Crossgen is for, what's new with Crossgen v2, its similarities to the Roslyn project, and all the new performance features it enables.

Show dotnet: Animating 40 LEDs with charlieplexing

Charlieplexing is a fun way to animate LEDs. I'll show you how I'm controlling 40 LEDs with 7 GPIO pins.

Announcing .NET 6 Preview 3

.NET 6 Preview 3 is now available.

Investigating a Linux CVE with .NET Images

We regularly help .NET developers manage Linux CVEs. This post is an example of how we helped a customer with CVE-2021-23840 and CVE-2021-23841.

Announcing .NET 6 Preview 2

.NET 6 Preview 2 is now available.