Richard Lander

Product Manager, .NET Team

Richard Lander is a Program Manager on the .NET team. He works on making .NET work great in memory-limited Docker containers, on Arm hardware like the Raspberry Pi, and enabling GPIO programming and IoT scenarios. He is part of the design team that defines new .NET runtime capabilities and features. Favourite fantasy: Dune and Doctor Who. He grew up in Canada and New Zealand.

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Charlieplexing is a fun way to animate LEDs. I'll show you how I'm controlling 40 LEDs with 7 GPIO pins.

Announcing .NET 6 Preview 3

.NET 6 Preview 3 is now available.

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We regularly help .NET developers manage Linux CVEs. This post is an example of how we helped a customer with CVE-2021-23840 and CVE-2021-23841.

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.NET 6 Preview 2 is now available.

Blinking LEDs with Raspberry Pi

You can blink lots of LEDs with the Raspberry Pi, with a new set of LED blinking APIs.

Announcing .NET 6 Preview 1

.NET 6 Preview 1 is now available and is the start of the next major .NET release, focused on .NET unification and supporting new platforms.

Staying safe with .NET containers

An update on using .NET and containers together -- how to stay safe and keep your container images up-to-date.