Jon Galloway

Principal Program Manager, .NET Community Team

Jon is a Principal Program Manager on the .NET Community team, working on .NET and supporting .NET live streams and virtual events. He's the author of several programming books, tutorials and video courses on .NET development.

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.NET Conf 2023 Recap – Celebrating Community, Innovation, and the Launch of .NET 8

.NET Conf 2023 is over, but you can re-live the largest .NET event of the year with full access to video recordings, slides, demos, and more.

Learn how to modernize your .NET apps from the pros!

We've got some great new resources to help you modernize your .NET apps, from intro videos and hands on modules to deep dive walkthroughs.

Announcing the .NET MAUI Beautiful UI Challenge

.NET MAUI community challenge featuring Snppts and Good Looking UI community run repos! Simply submit to be eligible for swag!

Announcing .NET Conf – Focus on .NET MAUI, Reactor, and Community Events

Ready to get building with .NET MAUI? Join us for .NET Conf - Focus on MAUI, worldwide Reactor events, and local community event opportunities.

Learn to build applications with F#

Want to learn how to write write succinct, robust, and performant code with F#? Here's everything you need to get started today!

Learn to build HTTP APIs with .NET

ASP.NET makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. Whether you're new to .NET or an old pro, we've got a lot of fresh videos, tutorial, and documentation to help you learn how to build great HTTP APIs.

Generating HTTP API clients using Visual Studio Connected Services

We’re continuing our series on building HTTP APIs with .NET 5. In this post, the third in the series, we’ll talk about how Visual Studio Connected Services gives you a convenient way of generating .NET clients for your HTTP APIs so your .NET apps can use the APIs via the Internet.

Announcing SignalR 2.2.2 (Preview 1)

Today we are happy to announce the release of SignalR 2.2.2-preview1. SignalR 2.2.2 is a servicing release, including some highly requested updates and bug fixes. Here are the highlights of the release: * Support for Service Bus 3 ( * NetStandard version of the client (