Announcing .NET Conf – Focus on .NET MAUI, Reactor, and Community Events

Jon Galloway

Now that .NET MAUI is released, it’s time to get started building your first cross-platform applications! We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for the next few months to help you get started, including a full day .NET Conf Focus event, worldwide Reactor events, and local community event opportunities.

Join us for .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI on August 9th

.NET Conf: Focus on Windows

.NET Conf: Focus on MAUI is a free, one-day livestream event on August 9 starting at 9 AM Pacific time featuring speakers from the community and Microsoft teams working on and using .NET Multi-platform App UI. Learn how to build native apps for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows with a single codebase using .NET MAUI. Hear from the team building the .NET MAUI framework and tools as well as experts building .NET MAUI apps, libraries, components and controls.

Join us for our tour of virtual and in-person events

We have some great opportunities coming up for you to get involved around the world!

The Microsoft Reactor Bengaluru events are being planned with watch parties and follow-on workshops in 100 communities in India! You can watch them online by registering here or join a local watch party and workshop in-person (more details coming soon!)

Host your own virtual and in-person events

If you’d like to host a .NET MAUI watch party or event at your local user group or Meetup, we’d love to help! We’ll provide technical and creative content from the .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI event, and if you give us your mailing address, we’ll send some fancy new .NET MAUI stickers for your event! Fill out this form to let us know about your event details.

Host a watch party in India

Are you interested in hosting a .NET MAUI watch party in your city in India? We are looking for volunteers. Host a watch party in your city by filling out this form.

We’ve got more being planned, to be announced at .NET Conf: Focus on MAUI.


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  • Marcin J 0

    Hi Jon,
    I hope you can give us some details about Microsoft’s plan to fix the bugs in MAUI (I’m talking about basic UI things that work in Xamarin Forms and don’t work in MAUI).

    At the moment we needed to start new projects in XF due to bugs in MAUI and it would be great if you have iOS and Android working as expected for people moving from Xamarin Forms (Windows and other platforms are not that important at the moment for people developing mobile apps) or at least extend the XF support until all (basic) MAUI bugs are fixed.

    Other than that I think the MAUI will be great but maybe in 6 to 12 months.


    • James MontemagnoMicrosoft employee 0

      Hey there Marcin,

      For product feedback and bugs it would be great if you can post them and comment on the .NET MAUI GitHub: The team actively triages and puts out monthly updates along side .NET updates.

      • Eder Cardoso 0

        MAUI has tons of bugs already filled up on github (there are more then 1.5k open bugs there – It’s becoming the new XF in terms of bug). I’m trying to migrate a relative small app from XF to MAUI but it have been a terrible nightmare.
        Basic controls that just worked fine on XF simply doesn’t work on MAUI;
        Lots of Layout size calculation issues on MAUI, specially on iOS.
        I don’t get why MSFT just don’t hire more devs to expand the oficial team and squash bugs faster. MAUI is now late for the party for more then a year according to the original estimation and it still looks like a beta software made by kids.
        Bugs are everywhere and the team is too small to deliver something that “just works” on a reasonable time.
        On the other hand, XF is like abandoned, no new feature since version 5 and still have a huge number of bugs opened that will never get fixed (I personally have bugs that I’ve opened and/or follow, that was opened in +3years and that are still open there).

        If things doesn’t change on MSFT, soon it will another zoombie platform/framework that msft will let die on your own just like they did with Window Phone.

        Microsoft market MAUI as GA platform, but where is the stable version of VS 2022 that supports it? It doesn’t exists, it’s still in preview. So IMO it’s a half baked product that they marketed as GA (even knowing it doesn’t have enough quality for it) just because it
        was becoming so embarresing for them to justify the huge delay to release it far from the original schedule.

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