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A beginner’s guide to mapping arrays in EF Core 8

EF Core 8 introduces support for mapping typed arrays of simple values to database columns so the semantics of the mapping can be used in the SQL generated from LINQ queries.

Entity Framework Core 8 (EF8) is available today

Announcing EF Core 8 (EF8) with complex types, primitive collections, better JSON, and exciting new query translations!

Trying out MongoDB with EF Core using Testcontainers

An introduction to the MongoDB database provider for EF Core, including use of Testcontainers

EF Core 8 Release Candidate 2: Smaller features in EF8

A tour through some of the smaller features release in Entity Framework Core 8 (EF8) RC 2.

EF Core 8 RC1: Complex types as value objects

Announcing Entity Framework Core 8 (EF8) RC 1 with support for complex types used as value objects

EF Core 8 Preview 2: Lite and familiar

Announcing Entity Framework Core 8 (EF8) Preview 2 with support for JSON columns in SQLite and HierarchyId in SQL Server/Azure SQL

EF Core 8 Preview 1: Raw, lazy, and on-time

Announcing Entity Framework Core 8 (EF8)Preview 1 with raw SQL queries, lazy-loading, DateOnly/TimeOnly and more!

Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) is available today

Announcing EF Core 7 (EF7) with JSON column mapping, bulk updates, TPC, and more!

Announcing Entity Framework Core 7 RC2: JSON Columns

Announcing EF Core 7 (EF7) RC2 featuring JSON column mapping

Announcing Entity Framework 7 Preview 7: Interceptors!

Announcing EF7 Preview 7 with new and improved interceptors, and so much more!