Announcing General Availability for Microsoft Edge WebView2 for .NET and Fixed Distribution Method

Olia Gavrysh

Today, we are excited to announce that Microsoft Edge WebView2 is now generally available for use in production .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework Windows Forms and WPF applications on existing Windows versions! Additionally, we are thrilled to announce that WebView2’s Fixed Version Distribution mode is also generally available for production applications.

Previously, at Build, we introduced the .NET preview of WebView2, Microsoft’s latest browser control built on the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge that renders web content (HTML / CSS / JavaScript) in .NET applications. In October, we announced that WebView2 would be generally available for Win32 C/C++ applications.

We want to thank all of our early users and developers that engaged with us throughout the WebView2 Preview period. The tremendous amount of support and enthusiasm we’ve received from the community has been unparalleled. Constant feedback, bug reports, and feature requests have helped shape the WebView2 product roadmap and we look forward to continuing to respond to the needs of the community.

To learn more check out our documentationa history of .NET browser controls, our Win32 announcement, additional WebView2 resources, and watch the demo of the usage of the WebView2 control from the .NET Conf 2020 keynote below.

Going forward, we will continue updating the WebView2 SDK approximately every 6 weeks driven by your feedback. To keep up with the latest updates checkout our Release Notes and follow the WebView2 Announcements Repo.

Getting Started

To get started with WebView2, check out our getting started guides:

Give us your feedback

Your feedback is our main factor in creating the Roadmap and prioritizing work items. Please share your opinions, suggestions, and details on your scenarios in our  feedback repo. We appreciate your help!

We can’t wait to see what you build!


Palak Goel, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

Olia Gavrysh, Program Manager, .NET


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  • James Best 0

    Olia, this is great news for something I work directly on. One thing I wonder though is there any way to modify the styling for the WebView2 in WPF? More specifically I need to change the scrollbar to match a certain style. Is there a way to do that or do I need to just make the whole WebView2 take up the whole document size it’s displaying and then wrap it in a ScrollViewer?

    • Max Mustermueller 0

      Why don’t you just upvote the existing issue instead of replying your question to a blog post. But as you might read from the response to this issue, this likely won’t ever happen. The WPF control is basically a native control hosted. The scrollbar is likely a native scrollbar. Thus you won’t be able to style it. But again, upvote to show your interest. Otherwise it looks like nobody cares.

      • Palak GoelMicrosoft employee 0

        Hi James,

        Can you upvote and follow up on the existing GitHub issue? In general responding to the feedback repo is the best way to submit feedback, report bugs, and request feedback.

      • Olia GavryshMicrosoft employee 0

        Thank you James for your feedback and Max for referencing the issue! That is exactly the place for following up on it, let’s move the discussion to the github issue.

  • Max Mustermueller 0

    I’m using it within WPF and it works very well. I like that devs are extremely actively listening to community requests. Changes to the cookie system has been a godsend so far and the devs got this very quickly implemented. I can only recommend everyone checking out the feedback repo. If there is anything you want to address, this is the perfect place.

    The only thing I would wish for this project is that the necessary runtime gets shipped with Windows Updates by default, so we don’t have to carry ~150mb “Edge runtime” with our application. I know that devs are working on this but please… let it be good and let it be “it just works”.

  • Lior Banai 0

    Does it support transparency in Winforms? If I put control behind it and the browser control has transparency page will I be able to see the control behind it and interact with it?

    • Palak GoelMicrosoft employee 0


      There are known bugs with the z-order on WinForms and WPF: If you could try it out or better describe your scenario in the WebView2 Feedback repo linked in the article, the team would be happy to follow up.

    • 0

      Anything that uses an HWND container will have airspace issues on XAML/DirectX-based frameworks and will necessarily be an incomplete user experience.

      I would like to know the basics of how HwndHost.IsRedirected/CompositionMode was implemented, even though I don’t consider it a final solution for Webview2. Maybe it’s something we the community can build without official sanction or delay.

      I would be shocked if the Chromium engine didn’t support direct rendering to (or input from) an abstract interface, especially considering that it has to work on multiple platforms with different APIs. That’s really the way this should be done, not one-HWND-fits-all.

  • devtommy 0

    When will be WebView2 for UWP available? I’m waiting for it …

      • devtommy 0

        Thanks, but it is currently in alpha(preview) version. When it will be go live?

        • Luke Vo 0

          Sadly we probably can’t use it this year yet.

          We will continue shipping preview releases of WinUI 3 into 2021, followed by the first official release.

  • lifei 0

    Silent deployment is great, why. Net5 doesn’t provide us with silent deployment mode…

  • M.Saleh samari 0

    Hello olia
    i want to start programming
    I don’t know what I must choose and wich one is better c++ , python or c# .
    can you guide me


  • Byron Adams 0

    I’m a bit confused. Why is the GA version 1.0.664.37 less than the 1.0.674-prerelease that I have been using for WPF. And why does the nuget description for the GA version not say anything about WPF like the prereleases that I have been using. Is it really ready for WPF?

      • Byron Adams 0

        Thank you for the response. I understand that. However, that did not answer my question.

  • mrcat meow 0

    So what’s the situation with WebView2 (Chromium Edge which is win32) and Xbox?

  • Alan Shum (LeapThought NZ Ltd) 0

    Is there any plans on releasing the WebView2 Runtime per user install (i.e. doesn’t require run with elevation)?

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