Porting DirectX 12 games to Windows 7

Jianye Lu


We announced “World of Warcraft uses DirectX 12 running on Windows 7” back in March. Since that time, we have received warm welcome from the gaming community, and we continued to work with several game studios to further evaluate this work.

To better support game developers at larger scales, we are publishing the following resources to allow game developers to run their DirectX 12 games on Windows 7. Please post technical question or feedback to our Discord channel at http://discord.gg/directx.

We would like to thank the development community for their help in evolving the DirectX 12 technology, and we have been so excited to work with game developers to bring the benefits of DirectX 12 to all their customers. Please keep the feedback coming!

Jianye Lu
Jianye Lu

Program Manager, Graphics Team

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    Jaime Antonio González

    Windows 7 is going out of support soon and despite this, is receiving DX12, is 8.1 (which is supported until 2023) going to get the same treatment?

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