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Are you ready to bring the power of DirectX 12 to your game?
Hear Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, talk about The Future of Gaming Across the Microsoft Ecosystem

Attend our technical sessions to learn the latest about DirectX 12
Advanced DirectX12 Graphics and Performance (Wednesday 2-3pm, West Hall 2008): This technical session goes deep into the DirectX12 APIs you can use to reduce CPU rendering overhead, manage GPU resource usage more efficiently, and express the most cutting-edge 3D graphics possible across the spectrum of Windows 10 devices. Whether you are building a game for the phone, PC, or Xbox – you don’t want to miss this talk.
Solve the Tough Graphics Problems with Your Game Using DirectX Tools (Thursday 5:30-6:30pm, West Hall 2008): This session shows the latest update of a set of great graphics tools in Visual Studio and Windows that enable you to build great games. Come to this talk to learn about our currently shipping features, the upcoming DirectX 12 toolset, and discuss future directions. This talk will highlight top graphics debugging and performance problems and map key features to help you address those problems.
Better Power, Better Performance: Your Game on DirectX12 (Friday 10-11am, West Hall 2008): This session demonstrates how to architect your game engine to best reduce CPU overhead, increase GPU efficiency, and improve frame-rate stability using the new Direct3D 12 API. Understand the fundamentals for building a fast-performing, efficient game engine on Direct3D 12 and where to find the best resources for diving deeper.
Visit our demo booths to witness firsthand the power of DirectX 12

Learn how to harness the power of DirectX 12 in your own game at our Quick Start Challenge

We have showed you projects based on Unreal Engine 4 running on DirectX 12, and also announced that Unity is releasing DirectX 12 support in the Unity 5 cycle. Now, you can see your games based on those engines running on DirectX 12! Bring us your packaged game projects, and Microsoft Engineers from the DirectX team will help you run your games on DirectX 12, show you directions for further performance optimization, and answer your questions. Even if you are not bringing your projects with you to GDC, we are glad to show you Unreal- and Unity-based demo projects running on DirectX12, and to answer your questions to bring you onto DirectX12. So make sure to check it out!


Packaging your Unreal Engine 4 projects: To simplify the exercise at the show floor, we ask you to bring in your project based on the unmodified engine and packaged for Windows 64-bit. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a new folder on your computer.
  • Open your project in Unreal Engine 4.6.
  • From the toolbar, select File -> Package -> Settings. Uncheck “Use PAK” and change the configuration to Shipping.
  • From the toolbar, select File -> Package -> Windows -> Windows 64.
  • In the dialog box, provide the path the folder you created in Step 1 and select OK.
  • Verify your content works.
  • Copy the entire folder to a USB device and bring it with you to GDC!
Packaging your Unity 5 projects: In order to run your project on a DX12-enabled version of the Unity 5 beta engine, please ensure it meets the following requirements:
  • Unity 5 RC2 beta project on a USB flash drive
  • Must be able to target Windows 64-bit standalone
  • Must not require any non-standard libraries or extensions
Does your game require custom libraries or a different version of Unreal 4 Engine or Unity?  Is your game DirectX11?

While we can’t promise a DirectX 12 port in such a short period of time, we’d love to talk to you about your game, how it might benefit from DirectX 12, and even walk you through some DirectX 12 sample code.  So don’t be afraid to stop by!
Not coming to GDC this year?

No problem. Apply to the DirectX Early Access Program at to be the first to get new DX12 developer content!


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