DirectStorage SDK 1.0.2

Damyan Pepper

Thank you to everyone who tried out the DirectStorage SDK – we’ve really enjoyed interacting with you on the #directstorage channel on the D3D12 Discord Server, and on github.

Today we’re releasing an update to the SDK where we’ve addressed some of the feedback you’ve sent us!

You can update to the latest using NuGet update.  Visit for more information about how to get started.


  • Public symbols are now available on the Microsoft public symbols server
  • Improved DirectStorage performance on Win10 devices
  • Added DSTORAGE_CUSTOM_DECOMPRESSION_FLAGS to report additional information about the custom decompression requests
    • this can be used to determine if the destination buffer is write-combined or not
  • Fixed calling conventions issue when building with x86
  • Improved documentation in header file
  • Updated NuGet package layout to be consistent with other native packages
  • General bug fixes



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  • Erick Smith 0

    Why are we all not promoting DirectStorage to the devs, engineers, or coders? I conducted a decompression test with a 3 GB file by the GPU in less than 7 milliseconds. That is unreal!

    • OK Phantomblu 0

      In my opinion they are doing it, but usually development is not as fast as x ads

  • v00d00m4n 0

    Hey MS where is Windows HDR calibration??? We are waiting since feb for almost half of year and its still not there! Is it so hard to port couple of test images and color profile calibration routing from Xbox Series? You even removed basic calibration settings for HDR from Win 11, so there is absolutely no calibration available! Release already whatever you have in next dev update for Win 11, even if ts beta and unfinished. Beta better than nothing!

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