Very nice video about what’s new in Visual Studio 11 Dependency Graphs



After Esther who explained how to Visualize Code with Visual Studio 11 Beta last week, Chris blogged this week-end about What’s new in Visual Studio 11 Dependency Graph Features.

He has recorded a great video (WMV 17mb, MP4 14mb), going through the main features:

  • demonstrating the interest of the code index for the performance and scalability of the top-down dependency graphs
  • showing how leveraging the code index as well enables you to build bottom-up dependency graphs, starting from the code elements you are interested in.
  • presenting the new touch-up possibilities that are useful to comment and share a design, or do some “what if” scenarios
  • showing the quick find, the fast incremental layout, the toolbar embedded in the document (which is great if you have several monitors), and the help pages.
  • and also mentioning the features we removed from Visual Studio 2010.

A must watch!

Jean-Marc Prieur

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