Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.09.22

Willy-P. Schaub

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • VSTS in Canada – Brian Harry
    We launched our latest Visual Studio Team Services instance in the Canada Central region. This adds to our instances in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Australia, and India.
  • Retrospective – DevOps using VSTS and Azure course – Anthony Borton
    Last week I delivered the first run of my new DevOps using VSTS and Azure course in Kirkland, Washington. While my retrospectives are usually just for my personal improvement, I decided to start sharing my retrospectives to be more transparent
  • Customizing Your VSTS Task Board – Andy Unterseher
    The VSTS task board is a great way for developers and project managers to see development tasks in the current iteration. Here is how we customize our task board to add an additional step for work items.
  • VSTS – Private Build Server – Jeffrey Opdam
    This week I am helping a team that is hosting their code in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS in short) and they want a continuous delivery pipeline, that builds and deploys their software on their internal servers which reside ‘on premise’.
  • DevOps Cake – François Desrosiers
    As the saying goes, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The same could be said about DevOps and its implementation in an organization.
  • Keeping Confidence in Your Shared Infrastructure ARM Templates – Mike Douglas
    Picking up infrastructure as code is much more than just building ARM templates. Use Git version control with branching and Pull Requests to deploying the networking infrastructure using a software delivery pipeline.
  • Professional Organisational Change at the Ghana Police Service – Martin Hinshelwood
    In order to create any lasting and permanent change, a transformation is required. A departure from the old to a new modern and professional way to provide protective services to the public and uphold the law.
  • #MyGitJourney – Issuing a Commit to My Local Repository using Git – Mickey Gousset
    Remember, the general workflow is: Working Directory – Staging – Local Repository – Remote Repository. I’m ready now to move my files from the staging area to my local repository. This is referred to as a commit.
  • All Day DevOps 2017 – online community
    All Day DevOps is a FREE online community responsible for creating the world’s largest DevOps conference.

image_thumb[2] RADIOTFS

  • 147 // Not That Cake
    In this episode Greg, Josh and Gordon chat about TFS 2018 Upgrade Woops, VSTS 123, TFS 2017.3, VSTS in Canada, DevOps Days, Tricks and Tips and much more…

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