Burndown and Burnup Widgets available for the VSTS Analytics Extension

Gregg Boer

UPDATE 10/06/2017. The S123 Deployment is complete. The Burndown / Burnup widgets are now available for all accounts.


The Burndown and Burnup Widgets are now available for those who have installed the Analytics Extension on their Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) accounts. (NOTE: The S123 Deployment should be completed by the end of September. If the widget is not available on your account, check back later)

The Burndown widget lets you display a burndown across multiple teams and multiple sprints. You can use it to create a release burndown, a bug burndown, or a burndown on just about any scope of work over any time period. You can even create a burndown that spans team projects!

The Burndown widget helps you answer the question: Will we complete this project on time?
To help you answer that question, it provides these features:
  • Displays percentage complete
  • Computes average burndown
  • Shows you when you have items not estimated with story points
  • Tracks your scope increase over the course of the project
  • Projects your project’s completion date based on historical burndown and scope increase
You can burndown on any work item type based on count of work items or by the sum of a specific field (e.g.: Story Points). You can burndown using daily/weekly/monthly intervals or based on an iteration schedule. You can even add additional filter criteria to fine tune the exact scope of work you are burning down.

The widget is highly configurable allowing you use it for a wide variety of scenarios. We expect you will find amazing ways to use these two widgets.


Example of a Release Burndown over Sprints

Example of a Bug Burndown over Days

The Burnup widget is just like the Burndown widget, except that it plots the work you have completed, rather than the work you have remaining. 

Example of Stories Burnup over Weeks

For more information on how to configure these powerful widgets, see our documentation.

If you haven’t already, install the Analytics Extension to get access to the Burndown and Burnup Widgets, as well as widgets for Velocity, Lead Time, Cycle Time, and a Cumulative Flow Diagram.



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