Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.05.07

Zachary Deptawa

Happy Friday everyone! This week was overflowing with awesome blog posts, and it was hard to narrow them down to just a handful! This week’s top posts cover reporting in Azure, publishing packages to Azure Pipelines, how we can create diagrams with code in Pipelines, and more! Check them out below!

Azure Reports: Exporting Azure resources with Powershell and Azure CLI
Reporting is important! Wesley shows us how we can perform meaningful report extraction using the Azure CLI.

Just roll-up your backlogs!
Matteo gives us his thoughts on how to structure Azure DevOps Organizations and Projects.

Publishing NuGet packages to a private Azure Artifacts feed with YAML Build files
In this post, Will covers publishing NuGet packages to a Private Azure Artifact feed in YAML build files.

Store dbatools PowerShell module as a package in Azure DevOps
Kevin covers how we can store the dbatools PowerShell module as a package in Azure DevOps.

Azure Pipelines – Diagrams as Code
This is something I hadn’t thought of – diagrams as code! Mark shows us how we can create diagrams using code in Azure Pipelines.

Postman API with Newman in Azure DevOps
Javaad shows us how to use Postman in Azure DevOps to make our continuous integration simpler.

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