Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.08.14

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! This week brings us a variety of stories -multistage build pipelines, building lab environments, deployment patterns, cross-cloud ARM64 builds, and using containers for development and build.

Azure Pipelines – Multistage YAML
Mark walks through setting up a multistage build pipeline with a YAML definition.

How to configure cloud lab with Azure DevOps agent and domain controller in Terraform
Building a cloud lab is a lot easier in the cloud, but not anywhere near as easy as it should be. Nikos shares how to use Terraform to make that a better experience.

The Need of Different Deployment Patterns
Pinakee shares some definitions and thoughts on deployment patterns.

CNCF Project Envoy enables Arm64 CI using Azure Pipelines on AWS Graviton2
Now this is a cool effort – the CNCF project Envoy uses Azure Pipelines with ARM64 build agents running on AWS.

VS Code Dev Containers and Azure Pipelines Using one Dockerfile
Interested in how you can use the same container for development and build? Brady shares one way to do that!

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