Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.06.28

Sasha Rosenbaum

This week was a busy week in Azure DevOps! Thanks to this vibrant community, it was difficult to choose the top stories (what a great problem to have). If I’ve missed anything important, please feel free to send it my way, I am @DivineOps on Twitter.

GDBC: Azure learnings from running at scale Let’s start with the recap of the Global DevOps Bootcamp 2019, delivered at a 100 (!) venues around the globe on June 15th. In the spirit of continuous improvement, the team gathered the event feedback from 2018, and worked hard to improve the attendee experience. The recap highlights the process of pushing the quotas of Azure Subscriptions and Azure DevOps organizations to their limits, and would be of great use to anyone delivering a large-scale training event.

Using Azure DevOps from the Command Line Have you tried the az devops Azure CLI extension yet? This post by George Verghese walks you through the process of installing and configuring the extension. With Azure DevOps CLI you can queue your Builds, list your Build Agents, manage your Branch Policy and so much more from the command line! For more details, please also refer to az devops docs.

pytest-azurepipelines 0.7.0 For the Python lovers out there, this PyTest plugin can significantly improve your experience by making the test results available in Azure Pipelines UI! This neat plugin automatically uploads your test results and code coverage data, and formats the test data to display passes and failures on Azure Pipelines Test tab. Lot’s of kudos to Anthony Shaw for all the hard work on this!

Azure DevOps Hidden Gems #2 – Run Build or Release Tasks According to Custom Conditions
Need to create different Builds for different circumstances? You may be able to customize the existing pipeline to suit your needs! This little gem by Dr. Graham Smith highlights the capability of Azure Pipelines to execute pipeline tasks based on custom conditions. This feature comes in handy if you need to run different tasks for different branches, Build trigger types, or even custom variable values.

Passing variables from stage to stage in Azure DevOps Release Pipelines What happens when you need to pass a variable from one pipeline stage to the next? Azure Pipelines offer a number of ways to define variables, but updating the values on the fly can be a bit tricky, especially since different pipeline stages may execute at different times and on different Build Agents. To follow up on the earlier post by Donovan Brown, this blog post by Stefan Stranger walks through the process of updating and reading the variable values using the Azure DevOps REST API.

Perfecting Continuous Delivery of NuGet packages for Azure Artifacts Are you working on your package management strategy? This article by Utkarsh Shigihalli features a detailed walkthrough of the entire process, including the developer workflow, package versioning strategy, package CI/CD pipeline, and setting permissions for developers to access packages based on @local, @prerelease and @release tags.

Scaling from 2,000 to 25,000 engineers on GitHub at Microsoft Last but not least, this article by Jeff Wilcox walks through the process of scaling the Microsoft Open Source contributions from 2000 to 25000 engineers. Jeff reviews the principles we relied on to enable more Microsoft teams to open source their products, contribute to other open source efforts and leverage open source libraries, and what we’ve learned along the way.

If you’ve written an article about Azure DevOps or find some great content about DevOps on Azure, please share it with the #AzureDevOps hashtag on Twitter!

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