Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2018.08.24

Edward Thomson

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been a long week here on the VSTS team. I’m beat! And when I’m tired, it gets hard to focus on those little letters on my LCD. So this week I’m linking you to a bunch of great content that you don’t have to read!

We’ve got a couple of good articles, of course, but we’re heavy on the podcasts and the webinars this week so that you don’t have to strain your eyes too much with the reading. Enjoy!

Using Structured Logging for Production Insight In this new DevOps Lab video on Channel 9, Damian Brady is joined by Nick Blumhardt to discuss structured logging and discovery. Structured logging is important for understanding your code in production, and Nick talks about how to structure your logging to make discovery much easier.

VSTS & Compiled Azure Functions – How to Set Up Your Basic CI/CD Pipeline When you’re building compiled Azure Functions – for example, developing them in C# – you need a proper CI/CD pipeline. Karim Vaes shows you how to set up your build and release pipeline to compile your C# and deploy the results to Azure.

Creating Cloud Connected Mobile Apps with Azure Functions and Visual Studio for Mac Speaking of Azure Functions: James Montemagno just released a new episode of the Xamarin Show where he builds back-end logic for a mobile app in Visual Studio for Mac, without having to manage infrastructure, using Azure Functions.

.NET Rocks: The Nine Knights of Azure with Adam Cogan The incredible .NET Rocks podcast hosts the incredible Adam Cogan to explain his “Nine Knights of Azure”. These are a set of services in Azure that developers should start with – starting simple with Azure Web Apps and building up to – of course – continuous integration and deployment.

Deploy ARM template to Azure from VSTS Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are the foundation of Infrastructure as Code in Azure. And of course you can right-click deploy your ARM template, but that’s not proper DevOps. So Houssem Dellai shows you how to build a CI/CD pipeline for your ARM template, deploying a new template into Azure.

Using custom SonarQube rules to validate ARM templates Once you’re set up deploying your ARM template, you can take that to the next level. Since ARM templates are code, we can treat them like code, including doing some nice analysis to catch problems early. Wouter de Kort shows you how to shift left and integrate SonarQube rules for your ARM templates.


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