The easiest way to file bugs and send error logs for Visual Studio 2015

Charles Sterling

Just had one me my best MVPs send the event logs and memory dump of a Visual Studio Issue he ran into…It is no wonder I love these guys.

Unfortunately he sent these logs to the entire development team….of which only a small % work on the shell.  

While I still love the guy I also wanted to point out there is a far better (and much easier) way to file bugs and get us logs for Visual Studio…Specifically using the send a smile…

….Actually well send a frown.


Counter intuitively the feedback for frowns go through different workflows with the default state for send a frown to be a bug or suggestion…

Versus the send a smile the default is to wind up in a repository that we data mine for things like importance and sentiment.  

That said, we can also manually create bugs from send a smiles as many smiles turn out being frowns and bugs.



It is also worth noting that that screen shot is capturing all your monitors….in many cases it probably makes more sense to grab your own screen shots and attach those.


You can help us out by telling our triage folks it is a bug and/or regression using the TAGS


Thanks Again for trying out and using Visual Studio 2015…and giving us feedback..


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