Testing Java and Cross Platform applications with Squish and Microsoft Test Professional

Anisha Pindoria

One of the more common requests we hear from customers with heterogeneous environment is: “How do i test my Java/Cross Platform applications with Microsoft Test Professional”

Turns out the answer is a bit of a surprise: “Use the same Java test tools you are (probably) already using”


Froglogic, the creator of Squish, one of the most popular cross platform, cross device and Java Testing tools has created a plug-in for Visual Studio and Microsoft Test Manager so your test teams can do all their testing in a single environment-regardless of the platform.  To make it easy to try out this new plug-in and get up and running the folks at Froglogic have created a lab built on top of Brian Keller’s VM: Visual Studio 2012 Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Machine.


During the ALM Summit I run into a team at InfoSupport using this new Plug-in for their Java Testing and according to their Technology Manager Marcel de Vries Infosupport have been extremely happy with the results- particularly in areas of functionality, integration with Visual Studio and the phenomenal performance.  For a video of Squish in action please see: Squish for Mobile (Android) Demo in connection with Microsoft Test Manager



For more Squish GUI Testing information:



*Squish also works with other cross platform cross device applications

[14]: mailto:sales@froglogic.com?subject=Squish Demo [16]: mailto:sales@froglogic.com?subject=Squish Sales Information Request


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