Releasing a Planning Poker Application and multi sprint burn down chart

Charles Sterling

The ALM MVPs were busy today as they released two different tools designed to help agile teams work better.


Sprint Burndown+

The first tool is a visual studio gallery extension called Sprint Burndown+. This extension enables development teams to view all their #sprints on a single timeline.

Sprint Burndown plus not only shows all the team sprint Burndown charts plotted on one time line, but it offers you the ability to format this data.



  • View all sprints on a single timeline
  • Sawtooth burndown chart (Read more)
  • Sprint burndown+ beta.
  • Options to set default export folder under Tools –> Options
  • Data Formating


Watch this 5 minute introductory video – | read more about it here



According to the authors, Tarun Arora and Utkarsh Shigihalli: “This tool should work with “any process template with which you can see the burn down chart on Microsoft Web Access will be compatible with our extension.”

Great job guys!



TFS Agile Poker

The second tool is a TFS Agile Poker application released to the Windows 8 Store by Mike Douglas.  The TFS Agile Poker is a cross platform tool for distributed and co-located teams to point your Team Foundation Server backlog. TFS Agile Poker can be used with Team Foundation Service with an on-premises Team Foundation Server 2010 or 2012 installation using the TFS OData Services. I was able to play with it at the last MVP Summit and it had some really great features. 


  • Estimate effort for product backlogs
  • Communicates with TF Service and on-premises TFS Server
  • Supports multiple connections
  • Works with Agile and Scrum templates
  • Invite other users by email

Thanks Mike for releasing this terrific tool!

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