Project Bicep – Next Generation ARM Templates


When you think Azure and Infrastructure as Code, you think ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates. Now, I don’t know about you but for me? ARM templates are not the easiest to author.

Welcome to the next generation of ARM. Project Bicep. Where Project Bicep is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for ARM templates.

This means, using Bicep and the right VS Code extension, it is now SO MUCH EASIER to build out my ARM templates. Check out this video where I interview Alex Frankel, Program Manager for Bicep. In the vid we learn all the ins and outs of Project Bicep!

Bicep Sure Seems Cool. How do I try this out?

Pretty cool stuff huh? Go try out (Project Bicep). Here is a getting started tutorial. Try it out and let us know what y’all think.

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What is Infrastructure as Code and Why Do I Care?

ARM Templates

Project Bicep

VSCode Extension for Bicep


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  • Adam Cogan 0

    Thanks Abel

    I did a rule and video on this topic
    Do you know how to create Azure resources?

    We’ve been down this road before where developers had to be taught not to manually create tables and ​databases. Now, in the cloud world, we’re saying the same thing again. Don’t manually create your Azure resources.​


  • Zhiliang Xu 1

    Pls forgive my silly question… But why is Bicep called Bicep?

    • Zhiliang Xu 1

      I get it… Bicep is on Arm 🙂

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