Planning and Tracking – Flat TOC

Kathryn Elliott

Sometimes it’s nice to see what’s available all on one page. Here’s a flat TOC of the Planning and Tracking Projects content for VS ALM Team Foundation Server 2012. While this view doesn’t represent all the topics available under the Planning and Tracking node – it does represent the most often viewed topics and those which can take you deeper into an area of interest.


Getting Started

Digging Deeper

Customization, Reference,
Upgrade, and Integration

Team Projects


Plan Your Work

Feedback & Stakeholders

Work Items & Workflow

Process Guidance & Process Templates


Office Integration

Documents & the Project Portal


Upgrade TFS 

Integrate TFS with Project Server


Command Line Tools



Let me know if this is helpful, or how to make it more so.  

What other flat TOCs would you like to see?

What challenges you the most when trying to find content to support your needs?


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