New Boards Hub Update, Sprint 219

Dan Hellem

Sprint 219 was dedicated to fixing bugs. We continue to drive down the bug backlog as quickly as we can. We will also have a couple new preview features coming that will be announced in the 219 sprint notes.

Notable bugs fixed

Issue Description
Delivery plans tab name Browser tab name should reflect the name of the actual delivery plan.
Work item comment anchors Anchor links for comments are not working.
Unable to remove picklist values Unable to remove a value when customizing a picklist field.
System picklist values not showing Missing custom values on system picklist fields when attempting to edit a field on the Kanban card.
Unable to create bug work item from task board Unable to create a bug work item when creating it from an empty sprint task board.
Sprint backlog issues with switching tabs Work items disappear when filter is applied and switching from sprint backlog to task board, and then to backlog again.
Error deleting attachment from preview Receive an error when attempting to delete an attachment from the attachment preview screen.
Backlogs expand issue Backlog hierarchy expands all nodes when adding a new child item to the backlog.
Cascading Picklist extension Cascading picklist extension is not filtering out the list of values correctly.
Templates not loading values Templets created in old boards hub are not populating field values when that template is being applied in the new boards preview.
Parents link not showing first If you have a lot of work item links, the Parent link is not showing as the first link in the Related Work control on the work item form.
Column ordering on links page Unable to sort on columns of the links page of the work item form.
Drag and drop re-ordering issues on large backlogs Drag and drop re-ordering does not work correctly for large backlogs.
Assigning tasks on sprint board When adding a new task to the task board, the iteration path is getting set to the Parent instead of the iteration you are currently on.
Permissions issues for links If you have a link on the work item where you don’t have permissions, then all links are not accessible.
Sprint backlog and task board order The order of work items on the sprint backlog does not always match on the task backlog.
Handling of commas in number fields Numeric fields are not handling commas gracefully.
Using search and clicking work item link Duplicate dialogs appear when using Search and clicking the link back to the same work item.
Shortcut issues on backlog Insert shortcuts (INS or f+i) on backlog are not working.
Styles and empty date values Styles on Kanban board that look at date fields are applying those styles for empty date values.
Markdown styling issues for Definition of Done Definition of Done is not rendering correctly for some markdown elements.
Area and iteration level fields on CSV Area and iteration level fields are not exporting to CSV.

Note: although these items are fixed, they may not be released to all organizations yet. Rollout can take a few days to a couple weeks.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful. Feel free to email me with any issues you find.