Announcing Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RC

Gloridel Morales

Today, we are releasing Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RC. This is a go-live release, meaning it is supported on production instances, and you will be able to upgrade to our final release.

Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 includes bug fixes for Azure DevOps Server 2022. You can find the details of the fixes in our release notes. You can directly install Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RC or upgrade from Azure DevOps Server 2022 or Team Foundation Server 2015 or newer.

Here are some key links:

We’d love for you to install this release candidate and provide any feedback at Developer Community.


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  • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 2

    Hi Gloridel

    Thank you for the updates!

    Could you explain the difference between this update (2022.0.1) compared to Patch 3 (which I recon also contain fixes from Patch 1+2). Looking at the release notes it seems that all but the GFVS is handled by previous patches.

    Would it also be possible to release guidance on how to reclaim collection database space left behind by “Test data was not being deleted, causing the database to grow. With this fix, we updated build retention to prevent creating new orphan test data.”. I know that we can ‘just’ create a support ticket but that seems quite cumbersome in order to cleanup data left behind from a fixed bug.

    • Gloridel MoralesMicrosoft employee 3

      Hi Tore, with this release we included the changes that we had previously released with Patch 3. This allows customers to install Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 RC and not have to install patch fixes after the install.
      Regarding test data not being deleted, I will reach out to the engineering team and see if their guidance that we can provide to cleanup data.

  • Joakim Spehar 3

    Hi Gloridel

    Thank you for the updates!

    If you already have Azure DevOps Server installed with Patch 3 your environment, is there any need or benifit in upgrading it to 2022.0.1? Will all future patches go to 2022.0.1?

      • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 1

        Hi Gloridel

        The release notes you link to also includes fixes from the previous patches so it is a little hard to determine what is new if one already has 2022 Patch 3 installed.

        Maybe not the biggest problem, but we at least try to figure out if installing a Patch or Update will make our lives better before investing time in it.

        • Joakim Spehar 0

          Exactly! Obviously we all want to have the latest patches and upgrades with the latest features and security fixes. But it takes planning, time and effort to install upgrade/patches.

          The release notes are pretty unclear to me whats is new and what is from the previous patches. My first impression was that Azure DevOps Server 2022.0.1 were for user who havent installed patch 3.

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