New Boards Hub, Sprint 216 update

Dan Hellem

Because of the holidays, and our deployment schedule, this update includes our progress for both sprint 215 and 216. You will notice a lot of bugs being fixed in these sprints. Some of the issues being significant.

We also turned on the “Try the New Boards Hub” message to another ring of customers this week. This will no doubt produce another round of feedback tickets for us to address. We have two more rings to go, but we are getting closer to having the New Boards Hub be the default experience.

Notable bugs fixed

Issue Description
Sprint backlogs with more than 1,000 items On sprints backlog page, missing the 1,000 items warning. Settings dialog not opening.
Ctrl + S shortcut issue Create a new query, and without saving it, edit a work item from the query results. When clicking Ctrl + S it attempts to save the query instead of the work item.
Created on Behalf of not working Showing “Created by” instead of “Created On Behalf of” when using the REST API to create a comment for someone else.
Incorrect order of work item types Work item type order is not correct when adding a new work item. The order should match the order defined in the inherited process.
Missing icon for Permanently Delete Icon is missing on context menu in query results when attempting to permanently delete a test artifact.
Dark mode issues with modals on Work Items Hub Work items hub has several display issues on the modal dialogs when in dark mode.
Card contribution point issue Extensibility contribution point not working properly on Kanban board card context menu.
Move to position dialog issue Clicking enter on Move to position dialog is not working.
Allocation when changing sprints Sprint allocation numbers are not calculating correctly when moving from one sprint to another.
Missing teams when capturing templates When capturing work item templates, the list of teams is limited to 1,000. Limit should match teams limit of 5,000.
Attachment context menu not working for long file names Missing context menu on attachments for long file names.
Styles not working for custom identity fields and groups Kanban and sprint board styles are not working for conditions on custom identity fields and groups.
Re-parent on backlog forces focus When you reparent the work item on the backlog, the focus is reset to the top of the page, losing your place on the backlog.
Reference errors with custom rules Rules on date fields can throw reference errors on the work item when the rule is executed.
Copy work item is missing Test Case Test Case is missing from the work item type list when attempting to copy a work item.
Create new work item on task board hangs Creating a new user story or bug on task board causes the operation to hang and the work item is not saved.
Disabled work item types are available Disabled work item types are still showing when attempting to create a new work item.
Sprint board not auto collapsing Row on sprint board should automatically collapse on load if the parent and all children are completed.
CSV import links in descriptions Getting validation errors when attempting to import work items via CSV file when those work items have links to invalid ids in HTML fields.
Templates with tags not working Tags are not getting populated when creating a work item from a template.
Unable to close context menu on backlog On the backlog, sometimes the context menu from a work item cannot be closed without a refresh.
Styles and “Does not Contain” tags Styles on Kanban and sprint boards are not working when field condition is using Tags “Does Not Contain” value.
Firefox unable to play MP4 preview When using Firefox, unable to play MP4 files from the work item attachment preview.
Remaining hours with filters Remaining hours, on the sprint board, are not getting updated correctly when applying a filter.
Wrong link when in queries tree hierarchy Sometimes the link is created for the wrong work item when adding new links from the context menu on a tree query.
Missing child task Child link does not show up until after refresh when creating a new child task from task board.
Changing boolean value on card does not update style Styles are not getting applied when changing a Boolean field on the card from Kanban or sprint board. Even though the conditions are met.
Capacity planning an remaining work calculation issues Remaining work calculation should not be using the Remaining Work field if it is added to the parent work item.
Tabbing through highlighted fields When tabbing through fields on the work item form, the value should be highlighted on focus.
Removing wrong link types Link to the same work item using more than one link type (related and successor). When deleting one of the links, sometimes the wrong link type is removed.
Empty boxes not showing correctly on cards Empty fields are cards are showing as a small text box that is hard to click into.
Link columns resize issue Unable to resize the link columns on the work item links page.
Work items not rendering in query results Sometimes work items are not rendered when loading query results.
Expanding nodes on tree queries Issues when expanding items in a tree query. Sometimes the items do not load, and focus moves around.

Note: Although these items are fixed, they may not be released to all organizations yet. Rollout can take a few days to a couple weeks.

We appreciate and need your feedback to ensure the New Boards Hub is successful. Feel free to email me with any issues you find.


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  • Neno Loje 1

    That’s an impressive list. 👍 Keep up the good work, Azure Boards Team! ♾

    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks Neno!

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