Azure DevOps Server 2022 Patch 1

Gloridel Morales

This month, we are releasing fixes that impact Azure DevOps Server 2022.

The following will be fixed with this patch:

  • Test data was not being deleted, causing the database to grow. With this fix, we updated build retention to prevent creating new orphan test data.
  • Updates to the AnalyticCleanupJob, the job status was Stopped and now we report Succeeded.
  • Fixed “tfx extension publish” command failing with “The given key was not present in the dictionary” error.
  • Implemented a workaround to address and error while accessing the Team Calendar extension.

Azure DevOps Server 2022 Patch 1

If you have Azure DevOps Server 2022, you should install Azure DevOps Server 2022 Patch 1.

Key links:

Verifying Installation

  • Run devops2022patch1.exe CheckInstall, devops2022patch1.exe is the file that is downloaded from the install link above. The output of the command will either say that the patch has been installed, or that it is not installed.


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  • Ana William 1

    Thank you for the patch for fixed this problem

  • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 1


    I really really hope that the test data retention fix will finally solve our collection growth!

    Judging from the description it sound like it will not solve it for already created test data – is that an correct assumption?

    • SilviuMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Tore,

      Your assumption is correct about the existing data. Please reach out to our support and open a ticket if you continue to have issues.

      Best regards,

      • Alexander 4

        Hi Silviu,

        Thanks for the patch.

        But why doesn’t the fix also clean up the orphaned builds and test data? It is also not documented in the release notes that these need to be cleaned up manually. The cleanup script saves us 8 TB in a single TPC and we have to run it manually for all our Azure DevOps Sever instances.

        Best regards

      • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 2

        I would also hope that these fixes could cleanup retrospectively so that we were not forced into writing script ourselves or contacting support to maybe get hold of some from them.

  • Lindeman, Andy 0

    Thanks for the patch!

    I reported this on your RTW blog post a few weeks ago- still seeing it with Patch 1 applied. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks for any info!


    I just upgraded to 2022 RTW. A behavior I am noticing- when I search for something in the search box in the upper right hand corner, then go to “Work item”, I get all the search results (as expected.) However, when I click the “Types: All” pulldown and select an individual Work Item type (Bug, User Story etc.), I get “No work items found for ‘xxx’ with applied filters.”, However, the pulldown screen gives me the correct number of WIs of the type that I just selected (a non-zero number).

    Do I need to re-run an index or something?

    Many thanks!

  • Aleksey Kovalev 0

    Looking forward to the Wiki PDF/DOCX export functionality and some Wiki- import|export possibilities between cloud and standalone DevOps Server.

    P.S. I’m very happy that mermaid diagrams are now in game with the Server 2022.

  • Andrew Vendrasco 0

    Since 2022 patch1 we are unable to search code in repos.

    Has anyone seen the issues with repo code searchability?

    • Andrew Vendrasco 0

      Found the solution if anyone read this. After installation of the patch – Re-indexing was required.

      So it’s weird, the index doesn’t automatically update to the newest version of elastic search. So when we moved to 2022 the version was no longer supported, and I couldn’t figure out how to upgrade it. 
      So I removed the search config and reinstalled it. Now it’s working.

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