“New Boards Hub” Public Preview

Dan Hellem

In December we posted about the “New Boards Hub” being available for everyone as an opt-in experience. We got a lot of feedback from our users. You let us know the experience was far from ready. As a result, we buckled down and spent the last 3 months fixing bugs (over 300) and tightening it up. We now think it is ready again for users to take a look and provide us with more feedback. We are excited to announce the “official” public preview of the New Boards Hub!

How to turn on the “New Boards Hub”

The new boards hub will continue to be optional. So, it will still require the user, project, or organization to turn on the feature. To opt-in, simply turn on the “New boards Hubs” from the Preview Features menu.

Image turn on preview

Should I expect any big changes?

Functionality wise, nothing has changed. It is still the same Azure Boards. However, you will notice a new modern design, responsive reflows, accessibility compliance, and improved page performance.

Image new boards hub

How do I provide feedback?

Eventually the “New Boards Hub” will be the primary and only experience. Your feedback is essential in getting this right. If you have any issues, or if the new experience does not behave like you expect, please contact us directly. We need your input!

Can I turn off the preview?

Yes of course, if you are experiencing issues and need to go back to the regular boards hub, you can turn off the preview feature. If you do turn off the preview, please drop us a message and let us know why.

Next steps

The public preview will stay opt-in for the next few months. Gathering your input and fixing bugs along the way. Sometime this summer we expect to enable the “New Boards Hub” as the only hub.

Please try it out and let us know what you think.


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  • Edward Trouw 0

    Dear Dan,

    I have posted a couple of issues within the previous blogpost regarding the extension framework… but I didn’t get any replies and a number of them where not resolved (see here), these are the ones regarding setting the caption of a tab and setting the visibility.

    Can someone take a look at this please?


    • Dan HellemMicrosoft employee 0

      @Edward – please send me an email with the issues you are still having. Show screen shots and details please. We will then investigate and get these fixed.


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