Azure Boards Ux Modernization – Public Preview


The team is excited to release the public preview of the Ux modernization for Azure Boards! The web platform has been updated to provide a faster Ux, consistency with other parts of the product, and accessibility compliance.

To opt-in to the public preview, in the preview features section toggle the feature named “New boards Hubs” to On.

Marketplace extension developers will want to preview the feature to ensure their extensions work with the new web platform.

The functionality remains the same. Below are examples of the new experience. Notice there are rounded corners and more space between rows. Please try the new experience and share your feedback.

Queries Hub

Image QueriesHub

Backlog View

Image BacklogViewNewHub

Kanban Board

Image KanbanBoardNewHub


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  • Joe Gallagher 0

    Two issues that I have found so far with the preview feature turned on:
    * We are no longer able to rearrange work items within a column.
    * Custom card styles that used “@Today” have been corrupted, and cannot be reestablished using the new controls.

    • Katherine GriffinMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi Joe, thanks for checking out the preview and sharing feedback! We have added in the “@Today” macro and the fix is rolling out currently. You should see that in a few days. We’re also investigating rearranging work items within a column. Is this happening on the Boards page? Are you able to drag and drop the item but it won’t save? Thanks!

      • Joe Gallagher 0

        Yes, this is happening on the Boards page when trying to drag-and-drop. We found that we can restore the ability rearrange work items if we change the “Card reordering” setting:
        * FROM: “Work items follow the backlog order when changing columns.”
        * TO: “Work items reorder when changing columns, and the backlog reflects the new order.”

        Previously it was possible to reorder work items within the same column.

  • Yujia Li 0

    Likewise, also seeing some issues here,

    Bugs where the Parent is a Feature result in a ‘There is same category hierarchy on this backlog’ error and inability to re-order.
    Turning off the Preview Feature of this results in JS error on getWorkOrderItem(orderId) where orderId is NULL – Interestingly enough is a Bug with a Feature parent – Albeit this may be a cdn js caching issue here? Interestingly – Appears to only effect only one particular teams sprint board.

    • Yujia Li 0

      Something changed – Could have just been CDN cache.. turning off the Preview Feature restores the board correctly for me now =)

  • Manuel 0

    Two bugs that I immediately noticed:
    1) In the sprint board, rows that represent closed work items are not collapsed by default any more.
    2) The sprint board is completely broken in Firefox (latest version). Everything is vertically overlapping so that a board that would usually be multiple pages long only take about 100px vertical size.

  • Mike Beemsterboer 0

    One issue I found on the taskboard: the person filter doesn’t work for items that were already assigned (both for @Me and filter by name). Only after the items are reassigned they will show up when filtering by person.

    • dewo web 0

      Something changed – Could have just been CDN cache.. turning off the Preview Feature restores the board correctly for me now =)

  • Vaclav Elias 0

    How do you move an item in the (looong) column board to the bottom in this new preview? The shorcut CTRL+END seems not working? Maybe you could add to the action menu (3 dots) something like in Jira. Move to “Top of backlog” and “Bottom of backlog”?

  • Edward Trouw 0

    Dear Martina,

    Great to hear, that Microsoft is still improving on the Azure Boards. I am the creator/maintainer of the extension Query Based Boards (see:, so I will be testing these modifications a lot.

    As I am using the “” targetting the “ms.vss-work-web.product-backlog-tabs” and/or “ms.vss-work-web.iteration-backlog-tabs”, I have already noticed two major things:

    • First: I was able to dynamically show/hide the tabs and set the caption… I cannot do that anymore
    • Second: The filter of the default board is behaving differently. It is showing up on my custom tabs (also on the ‘analytics’ tab), with no way to hide it. This is really annoying when I am displaying my own custom Filter bar.

    So please can you take a look at this?


    NB: When I take look at the UI libraries documentation page, regarding any new improvements (see: … it is not very hopefull, for me as an extension developer. This news is really great for me, hopefully more will follow.

    • Edward Trouw 0

      Dear Martina,

      Within the query hub I am facing similar issues, as I am using the “” targetting the “ms.vss-work-web.query-tabs”:
      – I cannot dynamically show/hide the tab and set the caption
      – The filter (great new feature btw!) is hidden when I navigate to my custom tab, so this is what I am expecting… and this should also be applied to the backlog/boards hub.


      • Edward Trouw 0

        Dear Martina,

        Please can someone take a look at these issues please. I have already people that are reporting the effects of these issues back to me.


        • Edward Trouw 0

          Dear Martina,
          Just found a new bug.
          When you have opened a workitem using the IWorkItemFormNavigationService, you cannot close the window anymore, in any way.
          This is a really big issue!

  • Pascal Berger 0

    Some issues:
    – Backlogs view now shows a hint in the order column that items can’t be reordered because they are owned by another team. Reordering is still possible though. Also IMHO this behavior should be configurable. Often I want to be able to reorder when viewing backlog for all root team, even though there are teams defined for different sub area paths.
    – Backlog seems to lazy load child items. But after first time opening an item (e.g. open an epic, open a child feature) the whole backlog will be collapsed. Once it has loaded the items I can open it the second time.

  • Fokko 0

    Adding Product Backlog Items or Bugs is broken from Azure Boards > Sprints > Taskboard > + New Work Item > Product Backlog Item/Bug. The error shown is:

    An unexpected error has occurred within this region of the page.
    You can try reloading this component or refreshing the entire page.
    Error: Expected color in format #aabbcc

    This error message comes along with two buttons (Refresh page/Reload component). Clicking the buttons or refreshing manually doesn’t solve the issue. This happens in MS Edge as well as in FireFox (latest).

  • Veselina Andonova 0

    We’ve had issues with Sprint in Backlog view showing an error:

    There is same category hierarchy on this backlog.You cannot reorder work items and work item(s) 84317, 85041, 84311, 109584, 118739 are not shown.See work item(s) 89082, 90638, 99210, 119953, 125825, 127121, 127331, 127515, 128613, 128648, 129623, 129935, 131373 to either remove the parent to child link or change the link type to ‘Related’.

    The first ones are Features that are the Parents of the PBI. This being a spring – the feathers are not expected to be visualized at all. If I remove the Parent – Child link between the Feature and the PBI – the message would disappear. Those are not just Related. I don’t want to change the relationship

    Also in the sprint the cards now don’t fit much of the title of the task.

    • Alex Meyer 0

      Also had this issue immediately. I expect due to Features being parents of the Stories where we maintain this relationship to support compartmentalization. Checked all the work items and could not see any problems with the relationship structures.

  • Nithin 0

    Nice UX. Looks and feels great with windows 11 OS.
    Couple of problems noticed with the functionalities.
    Hierarchy relationship error throws out with new preview feature on.
    There is same category hierarchy on this backlog.You cannot reorder work items and work item(s) 1385, 1477, 1494, 1451 are not shown.See work item(s) 1450, 1475, 1495, 1496, 1511, 1512, 1560, 1563 to either remove the parent to child link or change the link type to ‘Related’

    Additionally, the close button for removing the filter pane in boards/backlog is not operating.

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