MSTest V2 – Now and Ahead

Pratap Lakshman

MSTest V2 has crossed 100K downloads. It has been but just a few months since we shipped it on NuGet. Over this course of time, you have reported issues and given us feedback, and we have tried to address them as fast as we can, refreshing the bits at a feverish pace. We are now at a stage where, as of v1.1.11 MSTest V2 has shed the pre-release tag. Thank you for your support.


The following posts detail the MSTest V2 evolution until now: Announcing MSTest Framework support for .NET Core RC2 / ASP.NET Core RC2 Taking the MSTest Framework forward with “MSTest V2” Announcing MSTest V2 Framework support for .NET Core 1.0 RTM

I will summarize it again: MSTest V2 sets the direction for how we intend to evolve the MSTest framework. The evolution will be informed by your feedback. Here are a few you told us about that we have addressed: (1) Uniform app-platform support – this is a converged implementation that offers uniform app-platform support across desktop, Store, and UWP, ASP.NET Core 1.0, and .NET Core 1.0. (2) Uniform DataRow support, for all MSTest based test projects. (3) Ability to place the TestCategory attribute at the level of a class or assembly. (4) Uniform, single end-user extensibility mechanism. (5) Delivered as a NuGet package. (6) Supported in the Create Unit Tests wizard (Visual Studio 2017 Preview 4 onwards) (7) Supported in the Create IntelliTest wizard (Visual Studio 2017 Preview 4 onwards) (8) Supported in the relevant in-box unit test project templates (Visual Studio 2017 Preview 4 onwards) (9) Over the past several refreshes of the bits on NuGet, we also havefixedseveralissuesyoureported (these links call out a few, but there are many more we fixed).

So, what is ahead? Thank you for asking. We are working on your ask here: make MSTest framework open source. We want to unlock collaborative innovation! We are getting ready to go open source. You would have already seen that mentioned in the VSTest OSS announcement post, and in our VSTS features timeline.

In the meantime, keep your feedback coming. We are listening.


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