Introducing Azure Artifacts support for Rust Crates

Jorge Fernandez

Rust is earning its place as a go-to language for developers everywhere. Why? It’s fast, it’s safe, and the community around it is supportive and hands-on. With clear guides and a collective push to help each other out, Rust feels less like just another tool and more like a reliable coding partner for modern programming challenges.

We at the Azure Artifacts team have taken notice and have been hard at work shipping support for Rust Crates, which is entering public preview today!

No sign-up is needed for the preview; you can get started by navigating to your Azure DevOps project, selecting Artifacts, and following the instructions to connect your Rust project to your Azure Artifacts feed.

Azure Artifacts support for crates opens the door for your Rust project to streamline crate hosting, sharing, and consumption for both private and public crates, all while staying in the familiar Azure DevOps ecosystem. Happy coding, Rustaceans! ­čŽÇ


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  • Sebastian Sch├╝tze 2

    Nice to hear the pkg types are added. Are there any plans to support docker images as first class integration? In know that there is currently ACR recommended. But that is only paas and not saas.

    • Bjego 0

      Yep and your own competition tool github – which seems to be loved way more then azure devops – supports this since ages. I don’t believe that we will see containers in azure artifacts.
      Maybe someone brave from the management could give an official devops tools statement and deprecate azure devops – so that even conservative organisation need to considder moving to github

      • Sebastian Sch├╝tze 2

        Not agreeing. Currently Azure DevOps has 3 Million users and is Enterprise Graded. Github has a lot of features but more for devs. Many features are missing for Enterprises which they need governance-, security- and compliance wise.

        GitHub is not even supporting EU region properly.

        • PandaSharp 0

          I agree, as today we could never switch from ADO to GH … overall ADO has many more features that GH has not,

    • Jorge FernandezMicrosoft employee 1

      Hi Sebastian! Thanks for your comment- would you mind if I start an email conversation about this?
      I’d love to learn more about how you use docker images today ­čÖé

      • Sebastian Sch├╝tze 0

        Hi Jorge,
        of course, we can. I work in a big company that is very much using container and images. We have the need to properly save images but that would mean that everybody must have ACRs in place. This is not feasible now. Can you get my mail from mail account or how should we get in contact?

    • Jorge FernandezMicrosoft employee 0

      Hi there! The request for Swift package support was indeed catalogued as a result of the thread you’ve linked. Unfortunately, we don’t have an update at the moment.

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