If you are focused on testing, we have great ALM Ranger guides and tooling for you!

Willy-P. Schaub

Three of the ALM Ranger Dev11 Readiness solutions, which were announced in Welcome to Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness Beta “Wave”.  and another supporting solution are dedicated to Visual Studio ALM Test Tooling and are driven by phenomenal teams as shown below.




Project lead: Tony Whitter

For more info see VSCUG and TFSTMG.

Slide20 http://vsarlabman.codeplex.com/

Project lead: Mathias Olausson

For more info see TFSLM.

Slide22 http://vsartestreleaseguide.codeplex.com

Project lead: Bob Hardister

For more info see TFSTCBG.



The Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Plug-in solution provides guidance and tooling for the Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Plug-in, which extends the Coded UI feature support to Microsoft Word documents.

Your feedback is important

While the upcoming release candidate release is an exciting and important milestone, the teams are already hard at work to finalise the solutions for the final release. We need your feedback to guide the teams in terms of current features.

  • What is missing?
  • What needs more attention?

As always we would appreciate quotes from you or your communities in terms of the ALM Ranger solutions. Good news and positive quotes are invaluable motivators for the teams!

Watch this blog for the Release Candidate (RC) announcement and keep your candid feedback rolling in!


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