Welcome to Visual Studio 2012 ALM Rangers Readiness RC “Wave”



JasonZ announced the Visual Studio 2012 RC, which triggered a SIMultaneous-SHIPping event for the Visual Studio ALM Rangers.

// updated 2012/06/15 – v2 CodedUI Add-In has shipped!

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I am happy to announce that the Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness RC “Gig” solutions are now available for download from CodePlex as listed below:

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Solutions that have shipped:

image Practical Kanban Guide
Using Kanban in Team Foundation Server
image Practical Ruck Guide
The Visual Studio ALM Rangers Ruck process.
image Team Foundation Server Planning Guide
Implementation planning of Team Foundation Server.

Team Foundation Server Process Template Customization Guide
Work Item Tracking (WIT) and Process Template customizations.

image Team Foundation Build Customization Guide (Guidance)
Includes hands-on lab guidance for the customization, deployment of Team Foundation Build.
image Team Foundation Server Upgrade Guide
Upgrade scenarios and post-upgrade issues for Team Foundation Server and associated technologies.
image Team Foundation Service Practical Guide
Whitepapers and articles on using the Team Foundation Service built on Windows Azure, and its use by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers.
image Test Release Management Guide
Guidance and tooling to support scenarios for test case and test plan release management, including reporting and base-lining: sprint to sprint, release to release, and moving a feature through the branching guidelines scenarios.
image Visual Studio ALM Rangers Personas and Scenarios
Common definition of personas and scenarios used in Visual Studio ALM Rangers guidance.

// 2012/06/15 – v2 Shipped
Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Plug-in
Guidance and tooling for the Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Plug-in, which extends the Coded UI feature support to Microsoft Word documents.

image Visual Studio Test Tooling Guide
A range of test tooling practical and scenario based guidance.
image Visual Studio Lab Management Guide
Visual Studio Lab Management, backed by VM Factory automation.
image Visual Studio Quick Reference Guide
An overview of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server in the form of compact, quick reference sheets. Users who are unfamiliar with Visual Studio get a “quick” overview of features, value and associated Rangers guidance.
image Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guide
Focuses on modeling tools and includes understanding and reverse engineering an existing application or starting a new application from scratch.
image VM Factory Guide
Guidance and a reference implementation of a software solution that automates the creation of Microsoft environments, in particular Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.

Solutions that will ship shortly:

image Branching and Merging Guide
Branching and merging strategies on Team Foundation Server.
image Team Foundation Build Customization Guide (BRD Lite)
Build-Release-Deploy (BRD) reference template, also known as BRDLite.

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