How Does Microsoft Do DevOps


How Does Microsoft Do DevOps

So, just how does Microsoft do DevOps? I get asked this all the time. The answer is a little bit complex because to really understand how Microsoft does DevOps, you need to understand where Microsoft was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. And just what kind of changes we had to go through to truly embrace a DevOps world.

Microsoft’s Enterprise DevOps Transformation Story

Check out this talk where I walk you through Microsoft Enterprise DevOps Transformation Story.

Ok, That’s a Cool Start, But I Want More Details

That was a pretty cool story right? I touched on a lot of DevOps topics in this story but I’m sure some of you want more details!

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Don’t worry, we got you.

and so much more goodness. Check out everything at DevOps At Microsoft

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  • Gabriel Harder 0

    Hi Abel! I really love the video. So many inputs!
    Is there a blog post or something public accessible in written form where your engineering scorecard is explained in more detail and why you measure those things?
    Best regards, Gabriel

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