Helping new customers get oriented, keeping our content up-to-date

Kathryn Elliott

We’re always working to keep our content as fresh and accurate as possible.

We have some new content that we’d like to highlight and hopefully have you spread the word.

On-boarding content for newcomers

We recently wrote a set of overview topics to help orient visitors new to Team Services and TFS. These topics provide a framework for newbies to understand how our supported set of platforms, services, clients, and Marketplace extensions fit together to support software development teams.

You can view these topics here:

Collaborate content

We’ve recently introduced a new area to highlight content that spans features and scenarios that support team collaboration. This content supports team collaboration across the traditional hubs of Code, Work, Build & Release, and Test. Which is why we’ve named this area Collaborate.

Under the Collaborate section, you’ll find content that supports sharing information, getting notification, and supporting team chat. Here’s a few of the new topics in this area:

Content updates

We also want to take this opportunity to point out the Content updates topic that we update with the release of new features every three weeks. This topic provides an index to release notes, blog posts, and content related to DevOps working with Team Services and TFS.

We started back in March 2016 and are now working are way through 2017.

We work to highlight topics that are brand new–usually covering new features or scenarios and significantly updated topics.

We appreciate your feedback and ratings

Your feedback and insights can help us better focus on where we should focus to address missing scenarios or to simply correct a typo or error.

As you review a topic, please rate it and leave a note of what works well or what’s missing.

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