DevOps with Azure and VSTS: Videos from Ignite 2017

Edward Thomson

The Visual Studio Team Services team just got back from Microsoft Ignite, and we had the opportunity to talk to so many people about VSTS and DevOps. But if you weren’t able to make it to Ignite, you can take advantage of the next best thing: you can watch the recordings of our sessions online.

Agile Planning with Visual Studio Team Services

Dan Hellem and Charles Taylor show how Visual Studio Team Services can give you a clear view into your team’s backlog and in-flight work and allow you to visualize dependencies between teams to plan feature readiness.

Continuous Delivery on Microsoft Azure using Visual Studio Team Services

Gopinath Chigakkagari shows you how you can enable a Continuous Delivery pipeline on a spectrum of Azure Services including App Service, VMs, Scale Sets, Container Service and Service Fabric, and how VSTS can help you get started with a CD pipeline.

Confidence at Speed: Visual Studio 2017 and your CI Pipeline

Abel Wang shows you what is required to setup and configure your version control repository and continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline in a manner suitable for your project’s needs and how to use Visual Studio to focus on team productivity.

Git at Scale

Edward Thomson shows how Microsoft uses Git in large teams, makes use of the advanced Pull Request and Code Review featuers in Visual Studio Team Services and peeks under the hood to illustrate how Microsoft makes large repositories and servers scale to support some of the most demanding needs of any software engineering team.

Git Version Control for Everyone

Dmitry Lyalin and Edward Thomson show the deep integration of Git across the Microsoft toolchain and how the mature Git source control system can benefit your day-to-day life.


Rogan Ferguson and Dan Hellem show you how easy it is to move from on-premises Team Foundation Server (TFS) to Visual Studio Team Services and give you best practices and common “gotchas” to watch out for.

Moving 65,000 Microsofties to DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services

Martin Woodward explains how we moved over 65,000 of the most demanding software engineers from infrastructure built up over decades of high-intensity work into a common engineering system based on modern software development technologies and best practices.

DevOps for Any Language

Donovan Brown and Damian Brady take you on a guided tour of Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server to show you the products and services that will shape your process and enable your teams to build amazing applications on Azure.


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