Delivery Plans 2.0 – We got Style!


We are excited to announce that Card Styling is now available for Delivery Plans 2.0! Styling a card helps bring attention to it quickly so it’s a nice way to help with visualization.

Card Styling

Cards can now be styled using rules, similar to the Kanban boards. Open the plan settings and click on “Styles”. In the Styles pane click on “ + Add styling rule” to add the rule and then click “Save”. There can be up to 10 rules and each rule can have up to 5 clauses.

Image CardStyleSettings

Here is an example that shows the before and after views of a Delivery Plan with a card styling rule that highlights architecture work.

Before… which work items are architecture work?

Image CardNoStylePlan

After… much nicer! I can see the architecture work items!

Image CardStylePlan


Based on feedback we’ve been receiving I want to provide clarification on some common activities

  • To toggle the display of dependency lines, click on the bottom of the card.
  • If a work item on the delivery plan isn’t showing, check that the start and target dates fields or the iteration path have been filled out.

What’s next?

Delivery Plans 2.0 is on track for general availability(GA) at the end of April. New features will be picked up after GA.


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  • Reyhoon Design 0

    Thanks for sharing

  • JdMV -*- 0

    Nice, improvement.

    Does Delivery Plans API the ability to manage markers. That would be very interesting for planing automation.

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