CTP for Visual Studio Update 2 now available


As I have mentioned, the Visual Studio Updates are a new mechanism we are using to provide ongoing value throughout the year to our Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server customers. These updates will provide features to support the latest software trends in the market, and also offer an easy way to deploy bug fixes.  In Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 we are focusing on Modern Application Lifecycle and Modern App Development

Modern application lifecycle has been improved in Visual Studio Update 2 with significant improvements to both quality enablement and agile development.  Agile development has been made easier and more flexible with Work Item enhancements (tags, filtering, sharing), Kanban board customization and improved user interfaces.  Quality Enablement now supports a lightweight browser-based test management and execution to enable development teams to easily view/edit tests and your customers to run tests in a way that needs no installation on the system being tested and works non-Windows platforms; to decrease the time needed to continuously enable quality in software projects.

Modern application development focuses on improving the line of business development and developer experience.  Highlights for the line of business developers include: LightSwitch.  The developer experience improvements in the IDE include a new theme, Code Map debugger integration and performance in key areas areas including XAML design and Code Map rendering. 

The CTP Can be downloaded here:


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ALM Features in this CTP:

  1. Code Map Debugger Integration and Responsiveness Improvements
  2. TDD for Windows Phone Unit Tests
  3. Test Explorer group tests by Class
  4. Web based version control Explore and Compare
  5. Send work items in email
  6. Email work items from backlogs
  7. Web version control Improvements
  8. New Team Explorer Connection dialog display multiple servers, TPCs and projects
  9. Team Foundation Server Work Item Tagging
  10. Improvements in Windows Store Applications Unit Testing
  11. Test Explorer test playlists
  12. Symbol Loading improvements for IntelliTrace and Profiler
  13. While not technically part of Update 2: Git as version control on Team Foundation Service

Specifically for Testers

  1. Web based Test Case Management
  2. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 support in Coded UI Testing 
  3. Test Explorer test details improvements for Coded UI Tests
  4. Advanced SharePoint 2010 Load Testing
  5. Extended cross browser support in Coded UI Testing


A look at the ALM features in this CTP

In the forth coming days we will be releasing an entire series of blog posts on these features…but the descriptions below should definitely serve to wet your appetite until then!

Test Explorer Playlists

image image

Being able to play an specific set of tests has been a highly requested feature….and one that we are introducing in Visual Studio Update 2!

To access this new functionality bring up the Test Explorer, right click a test and choose add to playlist. Then to play the playlist, the “Play all Tests” is a drop down that will display your playlists.

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