Cloud Load Testing and Application Insights Webinar – January 23rd


January 23rd I will team up with Manas Maheshwari to host a live Webinar on Visual Studio Online, Cloud Load Testing and of course Application Insights!

The webinar will provide a short overview on the benefits of Visual Studio Online, Cloud Load Testing Service and Applications, …all of with live demonstration and saving time for Questions & Answers.  We will also inform customers about pairing the Cloud Load Testing Service with Application Insights to get even more information about performance on their target servers while under load.


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Webinar Abstract

With the introduction of Visual Studio Online launched in November 2013, software engineering teams now have a set of services that are available to them including the new Cloud Load Testing Service to help you easily discover performance issues of your application when it is being used at scale.  The Cloud Load Testing Service helps you execute load tests using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 by taking care of the infrastructure, management, and administering of the load testing rig which saves you time and money. 

Microsoft includes a complimentary 15,000 virtual user/minutes in your Visual Studio Online account for you to use each and every month! 

In this webinar, we’ll explore how easy it is to get started, run your first load test run with Visual Studio Online, and help answer any questions that you may have!  We’ll also discuss how you can leverage the newly announced Application Insights service to gain a deeper understanding of the root cause of the bottlenecks that you do find during your performance & load test runs.


·         Manas Maheshwari – Visual Studio,  Program Manager II

·        Charles Sterling – Visual Studio, Senior Program Manager


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