Azure DevOps Now Available in the UK

Martin Woodward

At the Microsoft Reactor in London this morning, Donovan Brown announced that customers can now create Azure DevOps organizations and choose that their data will be stored in the UK Azure geography.

Creating a UK hosted Azure DevOps organization

This adds to the existing data locations available which includes:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • East Asia
  • Europe
  • India
  • United States

All customer data such as source code, work items, and test results, as well as the geo-redundant mirrors and offsite backups, are maintained within the selected geography when possible. But for more information on the data locations available and what data is stored in the local geography see the Microsoft Trust Center.

New customers can create an Azure DevOps organization in the UK Azure geography today by selecting it in the drop-down, existing Azure DevOps customers can contact Microsoft support or use our support bot to request a move of their Azure DevOps organization from another geography into the UK if they wish.


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  • Guillaume Davion 0

    Azure DevOps is already Brexit ready 😉

  • Tom Robinson 0

    I couldn’t get anything useful out of the bot when I first tried, so contacted Microsoft support. It turns out there’s a magic command to use with the bot, @regionmove. I quote the instructions from Microsoft Support below…
    Type @regionmove to begin the region move request process
    – I will ask you to sign in and then authorize me to access your Azure DevOps details
    – I will present you with the list of Azure DevOps organizations you own
    – Choose the Azure DevOps organization you want to change and click “Use selected account”
    – I will collect the region information for your Azure DevOps organization and calculate the new regions your organization can be moved to
    – Choose the region you would like to move to from the dropdown list. Regions marked with an asterisk (‘*’) indicate regions that are currently in the middle of a deployment. Note that if you are currently hosted in a US region, you will not be able to move to another US region.
    – Choose the date you want the region move to be completed on. We need at least a week’s notice, so the default value shows the earliest date we can perform the change. The target time for region moves to be completed is 12 AM UTC.
    – I will send you email notifications regarding updates to your request, so be sure to provide me with a valid email address I can reach you at!
    – Once you have selected your desired region and your desired date, click “Use selected region and date”
    – I will ask you to confirm the details one last time before submitting the request.
    – If you confirm, I will create the request to change your region! I’ll provide you with instructions on how you can modify the request, such as changing the region or the target date. If anything goes wrong with the creation of the request, I’ll let you know.
    – You’ll receive notifications on any status changes to your request via an email sent to the email address you provide me! You can also check the status of your request by running the @regionmove command and choosing the Azure DevOps instance you created the request for

    If you need to change your region move request:
    – Type @regionmove to see the list of Azure DevOps organizations you own
    – Choose the Azure DevOps organization you created the region move request for
    – You will be presented with the following options: Cancel your region move request, Change the target date, Change the target region. If you don’t see what you need, select Other and you will be directed to Azure DevOps Support.
    – Follow the onscreen prompts to make the desired change

    • Tom Robinson 0

      This was nicely formatted when I posted it :/

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